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Wines Direct

Our mission is to bring you wines that reflect these qualities and that represent the people and places from which they come. As well as offering you great wine, we want you to get closer to the vineyards they come from. We are uncompromising in our mission to source independently made wines directly from growers around the world and we apply our strict selection criteria to each and every wine on our list, from the everyday to the extraordinary.
Keywords: Wholesale, wine, quality, vineyards, Ireland

McCarrick Brother

The company prospered operating a cash and carry business and a wholesale delivered business which covered the midlands and parts of Connacht and Leinster. McCarrick Brother sell a large range of products passing by food, beverages (minerals, alcohol...), and others like products for babies, medicals products or household products.
Keywords: Wholesale, large range, food, beverages, alcohol, tobacco, minerals, medicals products, household products, babies products

Sheridans Cheesemongers

We are passionately committed to sourcing the highest quality craftsman products and forging links directly with the food producers. Many of the farmhouse cheeses are handmade locally in Ireland and we have a wide selection of delicious artisan produce from all over Europe. Of course it is hard to be passionate about cheese. Over the years we have sourced an array of wines from across Europe, with a particular focus on Italy. You can find our wines in Sheridans Shops, as well as good retailers and restaurants throughout the country. WHOLESALE We are continually expanding our wholesale business operation. We supply to restaurants and shops across Ireland, as well as exporting Irish cheeses to Europe.
Keywords: Wholesale, cheeses, craftsman, farmhouse, handmade, local, food, beverage, wine

MD Burns

MD Burns & Co Ltd was founded in 1990 by Mark Burns as a Van wholesaler in Dundalk, Co. Louth. It has since diversified itself into retail, wholesale and manufacturing operations.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, sweets, clean, washing machine sheets, Kitchen Roll, candles, various range, Ireland

Life-Cycle Ltd

Life-Cycle Ltd is a wholesale distributor of premium sports brands to cycling, sports and nutrition retailers in Ireland. We started the company in 2005 after a lifelong love of cycling, sports and sports nutrition. As a wholesale distributor, we do not sell directly to consumers. However we do work to provide the best deals possible for the brands we sell.
Keywords: Wholesale, sport, cycling, nutrition, sport nutrition, brands, Ireland

Dawn Meats

As a family-owned business Dawn remains true to its farming heritage through the close relationships it has forged with the 30,000 British and Irish farmers from whom it directly sources grass-fed cattle and lamb for processing at its 10 Irish and 12 British plants.
Keywords: Wholesale, farm, meat, lamb, cattle

Cox Cash and Carry

Cox’s Cash & Carry stocks and delivers a huge range of wholesale products and well-known brands nationwide at the cheapest available wholesale prices. Cox’s customer base includes retail stores, online shops, the foodservice and catering industry, pubs and off-licences, offices and various other businesses.
Keywords: Wholesale, range, food, foodservice, beverages, alcohol, tobacco, Ireland

Brown's Fruit & Veg Ltd

Brown's Fruit & Veg Ltd is a family owned business providing wholesale fresh produce to commercial customers.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, fruits, vegetables, fresh products, quality, Ireland

Seery's of Athlone

Seerys Cash & Carry been providing wholesale catering service to our customers ever since. With our ever increasing product range, Seerys Cash & Carry continue to provide quality service to our customers and specialise in all your wholesale catering needs and requirements.
Keywords: Wholesale, range, quality, fast food, take-out packaging, bakery food packaging, hygiene products, cleaning accessories, catering food and portion packs, wines, spirits, minerals, hardware, glassware, clothing, tabletop, film, foil, butcher supplies, plastic bag

J. Grennan & Sons

J Grennan & Sons is a family owned Agri-trading business. Our core business is the manufacturing and distribution, at both wholesale and retail level of Animal Feeds, Farm Fertilisers and Agricultural Seeds. The retailing and wholesaling of Agrochemicals, Farm Hardware and Farm Plastics are also integral parts of our business.
Keywords: Wholesale, agri-training, agriculture, farm, generations, animal feeds, farm fertilisers, agricultural seeds, agrochemicals, Ireland

Sean Glennon & Sons LTD

Glennons wholesalers have 90 years of experience in the retail and catering trade. We offer an efficient, competitively priced retail/Catering service to local Businesses both small and large. We have a comprehensive product range that includes soft drinks, foodservice packaging, wines & spirits, catering supplies, cleaning & hygiene products and confectionary.
Keywords: Wholesale, full range, soft drink, drinks, foodservice, wine, spirits, cleaning, hygiene products, confectionary, Ireland

Haynestown Meats Ltd

We have a select range of fresh premium-quality beef, lamb, pork, bacon and poultry. All our steaks are aged to give them a natural tenderness and flavour. We offer a choice of fresh cuts served over the counter from our highly trained butchers and fresh-chilled meats individually vacuum-packed to your specifications, which are ideal for home freezing. We are always adding to our range of quality foods.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, high quality, beef, lamb, pork, bacon, poultry, steaks, butchers, meats, Ireland

Freddie Hamilton Wholesale

Freddie Hamilton Wholesale can now offer our customers a One Stop Shop supplying all types of businesses in the Leinster area with a full range of Confectionery, Minerals, Crisps, Ice-cream and Glassware, Cleaning Detergents, Janitorial & Catering Supplies. In our Confectionery, Crisps and Mineral Division our selection is second to none. We stock all the major brands; Cadburys, Mars, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Lucozade, Club, Tayto, King, Manhattan, Walkers etc. We stock a vast range of kiddies sweets, as well as up-to-date and retro varieties. We also have a full range of summer & seasonal novelties. In our Janitorial & Catering Division we have a full range of Toilet Rolls, Hand Towels, Refuse Sacks, Cleaning detergents, Mop Buckets, Catering Disposables, Glassware & Barware.
Keywords: Wholesale, full range, food, beverages, brands, sweets, varieties, toilet rolls, hand towels, refuse sacks, cleaning detergent, mop buckets, catering, disposables, glassware, Ireland

Tully's Wholesale Ltd

Tullys Wholesale has over 30 years experience in the beer and distribution business. We too are in the pub trade. We also supply Bottle Beers/ Minerals/ Snacks/Toiletries/ Wine etc
Keywords: Wholesale, beverages, beer, bar, minerals, snacks, food, wine, Ireland

O'Gorman Meats

O’ Gorman Meats is a family run wholesale and retail business. With the highest standard of quality and service, O’ Gorman Meats supply a large number of traditional butchers. O’ Gorman Meats are dedicated to becoming a new force in quality Irish meat and protecting the traditional routes of supply, “from the farm to fork” to Irish consumers.
Keywords: Wholesale, meats, food, butchers, quality, beef, pork, lamp, framer, Ireland, locally, animals

Walsh Mushrooms Group

We are continually expanding and investing heavily in this state-of-the-art facility, ensuring our Irish growers have unbroken availability of high quality substrate and cementing our position as one of the largest and most reliable businesses in the mushroom industry. Custom Compost is the mushroom substrate production facility for the groups Irish operations.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, mushrooms, manufacturing, Ireland

Bordeaux Wines Ireland

We specialise in the import and distribution of fine French wines, specifically wines from the Bordeaux region.
Keywords: Wholesale, wine, Bordeaux, France, beverages, French wines,

A Taste of italia

A Taste of Italy was founded in 2005 by Pasquale Cavaliere and his wife Christine Hewitt. Their purpose was to become a leading importer for medium to high quality Italian wines in Ireland. Over the years we have experimented with another important Italian product – coffee.
Keywords: Wholesale, beverages, wine, Italy, coffee high quality,

H. Murphy

The business began as a traditional wholesale grocery and tea blending business, and in the early 60’s became one of the first Cash & Carry’s in the South East. It is thanks to our customers who have supported us over the years that we have continued to expand and diversify into the foodservice, hospitality and the licenced trade supplying spirits, beers and other products relative to their business.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, beverages, foodservice, beers, spirits, Ireland

Walsh's Bakehouse

It's at the heart of this bakery that bread is create. They have many specialities as brioche, blaa bread, scones, or ciabatta.
Keywords: Wholesale, bakery, bread, food, brioche, blaa bread, scones, ciabatta, traditions, experience, skills, Ireland

Curran Foods

Curran Foods Ltd is one of the largest independent wholesale food distributors of Ambient, Chilled, Frozen and Non-food goods in the South of Ireland. Our aim is to provide you the retailer, with the highest quality diverse product range at the best possible price, this along with our ability to supply you with packaging and individualised point of sale will ensure that you can maximize your customers’ satisfaction and ultimately your profits. Curran Foods Express Cuisine now supply a vast range of premium quality chilled, frozen, ambient, and non-foods goods, sourced directly from the finest food producers in Ireland and across Europe.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, ice cream, frozen, non-foods, highest quality, range, Ireland

Leah's Kerry Tradition with a Twist

Leah’s Gourmet range of Irish food is hand-made using traditional Kerry recipes. Diverse products are made and sold as white and black pudding, handcrafted gourmet irish farm cheddar, spices blends...
Keywords: Wholesale, range, food, oriental, taste, flavor, black pudding, black pudding, handcrafted, cheddar, spices blends, range, Ireland

Glenbeigh Shellfish

Glenbeigh Shellfish is a family run business specialising in the supply of fresh purified shellfish to wholesale, retail and catering market and provides only the freshest quality purified shellfish products to our customers from the crystal clear Atlantic waters.
Keywords: Wholesale, shellfish, quality, mussels, oysters, highest health, range, Cockles, Periwinkles

Value Center

Value Centre is Ireland’s largest network of Wholesale Cash & Carry’s with 21 branches nationwide offering both a walk in and delivered service. Value Centre is part of BWG Foods UC, one of Ireland’s leading food retail and wholesale companies. Through our retail and wholesale businesses we serve more than 14,000 customers across the Republic of Ireland. Each Value Centre has a product listing of over 15,000 lines and carries a full range of retail and catering Own Brand products as an exclusive range of retail and on-trade wines. All products are competitively priced and both local & national promotions run on a regular basis across all product categories including alcohol, confectionery, health & beauty, fresh, frozen, catering products plus many more.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, full range, beverages, alcohol, confectionery, health, beauty, fresh, frozen, catering products

Dublin Food Sales Limited

Dublin Food Sales part of the Meehan Family Food Group is a highly regarded independent. Our extensive stock list includes an array of catering products including: Pulses and Grains Butter & Margarine Minerals & Water Wines, Beers & Spirits Dried Herbs & Spices Cleaning Products Tinned Fruit & Veg Kitchen Utensils Fresh Yeast Chef Clothing Fresh Fruit & Veg.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, beverages, Kitchen Utensils, Ireland

J&C Kenny Wines & Spirits

We are a Wine and Spirit Distribution Company located in Galway in the west of Ireland. we offer a complete range of alcoholic beverages,searching the world to provide our customers with a vast selection of fine wines, discerning liqueur and branded spirits. The company has diversified to incorporate many services including the direct importation of wines from a wide variety of countries; offering both new world and old world wines, the provision of speciality spirits, wedding wines, speciality wines, and much more.
Keywords: Wholesale, wine, spirit wine, alcoholic beverages, liqueur, branded, drinks, quality


We are Ireland’s fastest growing veterinary wholesaler and distributor. Acravet Ltd provide an extensive portfolio of products to the Veterinary and Animal Health sectors in Ireland.These veterinary products are used for both the treatment and prevention of diseases in animals ranging from cattle, sheep, horses and pigs, to domestic pets such as dogs, cats and hens.
Keywords: Wholesale, veterinary, health, animals, treatment, prevention, diseases

Global Food & Beverage

Global Foods & Beverage Specialist Ltd provide the market with an innovative range of quality branded products. We provide full sales, distribution and merchandising service to the Retail & Foodservice trades.
Keywords: Wholesale, Food, Beverage, innovative range, quality, Ireland

Wholesale Bakery - Artisan Bread

We are a wholesale bakery now producing over 2000 loaves each night while still using traditional artisan methods. We specialise in Sourdough and Yeast Breads.
Keywords: Wholesale, bread, bakery, artisan methods, Sourdough, Yeast Breads, specialist

Food-Bridge Ltd

We have established long term partnerships with the major processors of poultry worldwide. Our multi-continent sourcing strategy ensures we can obtain the optimum quality for our customer while ensuring security of supply in the event of market disruptions. We are agile, adaptable and designed to respond quickly to the market. Our dedicated logistics team can handle all aspects of the Importation/Exportation process, including documentation, traceability and licensing, allowing you to focus on your core business. As a BRC Agents and Brokers certified company, Food-Bridge only sources fully traceable products from approved suppliers to guarantee you only the highest standards in food safety and quality.
Keywords: Wholesale, poultry, quality, Ireland

Blue Star Coffee

Blue Star Coffee brewing a quality cup of this ethical drink does require coffee shop supplies. Blue Star Coffee is one of the most popular coffee machine suppliers in Ireland.
Keywords: Wholesale, coffee, drink, coffee machine, Ireland

The Real Olive Company

We personally source high quality authentic Mediterranean foods which we sell primarily through our market stalls and our wholesale network across Ireland. The Real Olive Company strives to present their customers with both value and the best quality.
Keywords: Wholesale, Olive, charcuterie, food, quality, Mediterranean, olive oils, Ireland, french food, natural

Sam Dennigan

The quality and range of our produce, the reliability of our delivery, the calibre of our wholesale, these are the things that got us here. The complete range of services Sam Dennigan and Company provide are tailored to each customer.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, range, products, cultivate

Akay Drinks

Akay Ireland is a duty free distributor of FMCG goods and leading drinks brands. Akay is a major supplier to duty free traders, border shops, ships, military, wholesalers and distributors in many markets including Europe, China and many more.
Keywords: Wholesale, distributor, goods, food, beverages, drinks, trade, markets, Ireland


Founded in 1983, Wholefoods Wholesale is Ireland's largest and longest established distributor of natural foods and healthcare products including vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, licensed medicines, body care and haircare.Wholefoods Wholesale is committed to connecting our retail customers, with the leading Irish and international brands that empower Ireland’s consumers towards healthier lifestyles. We endeavour to do so in a professional and friendly way.
Keywords: Wholesale, distributor, natual food, healthcare, vitamin, mineral, herbal remedies, licensed medicines, bodycare, haircare

Musgrave Market Place

Musgrave MarketPlace is wholesale supplier to Foodservice with over 14,000 lines.
Keywords: Wholesale, market, foodservice, lignes, Ireland

Versatile Packaging

Versatile Packaging is one of the leading suppliers of packaging supplies and packaging equipment in Ireland. Versatile Packaging offer a complete range of specialised packaging materials at low cost. Our team have an extensive food production and food packaging background.
Keywords: Wholesale, Packaging, Range of specialty, low cost, food production

Wild Irish Seaweed

Currently wholesale worldwide. Wild Irish Seaweeds are also sold in Bulk. They are harvested in season to provide optimum nutrition and are organically certified by IOFGA. Our harvesting waters are tested quarterly to ensure the highest quality and we operate within HSE Guidelines.
Keywords: Wholesale, Bulk, Nutrition, High quality

M3 Distribution

Wholesale Food Distributor servicing the island of Ireland as well as Export Markets. Providing a local service and Irish Artisan products at competitive prices.
Keywords: Wholesale, Food, Distributor, Export Markets.

Elliotts Cash & Carry

ELLIOTTS Cash and Carry supply many of Dublin’s leading Foodservice Outlets ranging from Hospitals, Offices, Pubs and Restaurants to Cafes, Hotels, Clubs ad Schools. Elliotts Cash and Carry. Food Service is located in the Center of Dublin City.
Keywords: cash and carry, food service, wholesale, alcohol, tobacco, beverages, minerals, Ireland.


Leydens Wholesalers and Distributors Dublin is a large scale Wholesale operation and leading distributor of major Sports Nutrition brands in Ireland.
Keywords: Sports Nutrition

Kiernan's Food Ingredients Ltd.

Kiernan's Food Ingredients - Food Packaging and Ingredients with a wide range of Marinades, Sauces, Coaters, Spices and Butcher Supplies.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, packaging, ingredients, sauces, spices, Ireland

JR Byrne and Sons Ltd

See the Wholesale Directory listing for JR Byrne and Sons Cash and Carry. Founded over 100 years ago, JR Byrne & Sons Ltd is one of Irelands oldest Wholesale Cash and Carrys. Based in Dublin, Ireland, they pride themselves on being a family business and have a serviced the Retail Trade for nearly 100 years
Keywords: Cash and Carry, Wholesaler, Wholesale, Dublin, Ireland, Retail, Independants, Symbol Store, Stonehouse, Newsagents, Minerals, Sweets, Crisps, Snacks, Grocery, Catering, Deli, Sundries, Stationery, Homestead, White hat, Dublin, Ireland, Discount Stores, Export

Adara Sweet Co.Ltd.

Ardara Sweet Co. Ltd has been trading for over 30 years in the confectionery business, distributing quality confectionery products to retailers, companies, events, and customers throughout Ireland and is 100% Irish owned. See the Wholesale Directory listing for Adara Sweet Company Ltd, supplying confectionary, sweets, chocolate, and gum to Irish retailers.
Keywords: wholesale, sweets, wholesale, ireland, donegal, confectionery, ardara, bars, jars, retro, pops, rolls, bags, chocolate


Within Eurogeneral, there are two main divisions. Retail and Wholesale. They now have 69 retail outlets nationwide. Eurogeneral wholesale was established in 2001 as other retailers were continually asking them could they supply them with Eurogeneral products. See the Wholesale Directory listing for EuroGeneral - Wholesale and Retail Suppliers of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
Keywords: irish wholesale products, cleaning products, toiletries, toys, food, baby accessories, candles, petcare, stationary, beverages, travel accessories, glasses, sweets, hair accessories, groceries, gardening products, electric and audio supplies, party supplies

Irish Seaweeds

Irish Seaweeds, previously Dolphin Sea Vegetable Company, Northern Ireland was established in 1990. They are a small family run and orientated business based in Belfast. They hand harvest Irish seaweeds. See the Wholesale Directory listing for Irish Seaweeds, suppliers of wholesale seaweed products to Irish retailers.
Keywords: Ireland, Irish, seaweed, sea vegetable, edible seaweed, dulse, carrageen, irish moss, kelp, red marine algae, skin, seaweed wrap, seaweed information, health food, vegetarian food, vegan food, seaweed nutrition

Milne Foods Limited

Milne Foods was created over 20 years ago when the company’s founder Patrick Milne began looking at ways of adding value to his existing product range which at that time consisted only of fresh fruit and vegetables. Today they peel, slice and dice 300 tons of vegetables and salads each week at their purpose designed 53,000 sq ft production plant. See the Wholesale Directory listing for Milne Foods Limited, suppliers of prepared vegetables, fruit and salad leaves, as well as cooked vegetable dishes to Irish restaurants and hotels.
Keywords: Wholesale, fruits, vegetables, salads, catering, retail, foods, gratins, Ireland

Cullens Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables

Next Day Delivery of prepared wholesale fruit and vegetables, Cullens supply quality, fresh prepared and prepacked produce for Restaurants, Hotels and Supermarkets/Retail. See the Wholesale Directory listing for Cullens Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables, guaranteeing next day delivery to Irish retailers, hotels, and restaurants.
Keywords: Wholesale, vegetables, prepacked, fruits, catering, exotic fruit, Ireland

Stafford Lynch

See the Wholesale Directory listing for Stafford Lynch, wholesale suppliers of ambient, household and healthcare brands.
Keywords: wholesale irish pharmacy, wholesale irish retail, foodservices, retails, sales, marketing, distribution, stafford lynch,

Lynas Foodservice Limited

See the Wholesale Directory listing for Lynas Foodservices Limited, wholesale suppliers of grocery, chilled and frozen foods to Irish restaurants, schools and catering.
Keywords: irish wholesale food, lynas foodservice, chilled products, frozen products, cleaning products, takeaway food, meat, fish, seafood, desserts, northern ireland

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