Alcohol & Tobacco

Pallas Foods

Now part of Sysco, Pallas Foods is the largest food business on the Island of Ireland. Our customers rely on their products with a range of over 10,000 fresh, frozen and ambient food products, non-food products, a bespoke wine list and the latest in beers and spirits.
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Stafford Bonded

Stafford Bonded is a Wexford based family business dealing in the bond storage and brokerage of wines, spirits, beers and tobaccos. We also offer a complete whiskey solution from bulk to bottle.
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Galvins Wines & Spirits

With over 40 years in the Drinks trade, Galvins wines & spirits offers unrivaled experience and knowledge of beers, wines, and spirits, this has enabled us to offer a very high level of customer service for which we are proud of. We stock a full range of packaged beer, wines and spirits as well as kegs, confectionery, soft drinks, and cigarette products. We offer a full party and wedding service including keg hire, glass hire, ice, case discounts and cocktail lists & recipes.
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Ecirette Wholesale Limited

We stock all the leading brands at Ireland’s lowest prices. If you have questions or would like to open a wholesale account with us, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, we will be delighted to hear from you.
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Electronic Cigarette world

We also do wholesale of e cigarettes and e liquids to vap. Here at we offer a wide range of e liquids for electronic cigarette and e cigs, shipping everything from robust and strong e cigarettes to slim and stylish e cigarettes in Ireland. We offer a wide range of e liquids to vape. We only sell the highest quality e cigarettes and e liquids across Ireland and stock a fantastic range of products in many exciting flavours for your enjoyment.
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Barry Group

At the Barry Group, we’re committed to providing the very best for your business. We offer a wide range of Ambient Grocery, Catering, Tobacco & Alcohol product at competitive pricing directly from our 150,000 square foot warehousing facility. From our Call & Collect facility through to our delivery service, every need of an Independent business, whether it is in the pub trade, catering or an Independent Retailer is catered for. If you’d like to open a wholesale account with us - we’d like to hear from you. Your business will be the benificary of our full beverage range which includes exclusive on–trade wine offerings, soft drinks, beers, ciders and spirits including high end gins and whiskeys. Frozen Food wholesalers We supply numerous customers with a vast range of ambient catering and packaging lines for their business.
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Direct 2U E-Cigs

We offer modern alternatives to smoking that are safer, healthier and more responsible. Our top selling E-juice is Kinship sourced from a production plant Liquid solutions in Waterford,and is Ireland’s largest, where the use only the highest quality ingredients, sourced in Europe, and adhere to the strictest manufacturing standards.
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McCarrick Brother

The company prospered operating a cash and carry business and a wholesale delivered business which covered the midlands and parts of Connacht and Leinster. McCarrick Brother sell a large range of products passing by food, beverages (minerals, alcohol...), and others like products for babies, medicals products or household products.
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Cox Cash and Carry

Cox’s Cash & Carry stocks and delivers a huge range of wholesale products and well-known brands nationwide at the cheapest available wholesale prices. Cox’s customer base includes retail stores, online shops, the foodservice and catering industry, pubs and off-licences, offices and various other businesses.
Keywords: Wholesale, range, food, foodservice, beverages, alcohol, tobacco, Ireland

H. Murphy

The business began as a traditional wholesale grocery and tea blending business, and in the early 60’s became one of the first Cash & Carry’s in the South East. It is thanks to our customers who have supported us over the years that we have continued to expand and diversify into the foodservice, hospitality and the licenced trade supplying spirits, beers and other products relative to their business.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, beverages, foodservice, beers, spirits, Ireland

Elda Liquids

The company Elda Liquids Ltd. is now the leading manufacturer of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes in Europe.Our team of highly educated experts. We make and deliver our liquids as fast as possible. The secret of our success lays in recognizing good business opportunities, our persistence, accept new challenges.
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Elliotts Cash & Carry

ELLIOTTS Cash and Carry supply many of Dublin’s leading Foodservice Outlets ranging from Hospitals, Offices, Pubs and Restaurants to Cafes, Hotels, Clubs ad Schools. Elliotts Cash and Carry. Food Service is located in the Center of Dublin City.
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