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Network Fitness Supplies

Gordon Shaw set up Network Fitness Supplies in 2003 offering a large amount of quality equipment and has over 17 years' experience in the Fitness and Leisure industry. In 2015 Network Fitness has been retained by Fittr and Gordon as General Manager for Fittr. FITTR is an Irish company set up by David Mahon to supply fitness equipment to the Irish fitness market.
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Merkandi is an international wholesale trading platform for regular products as well as liquidation stocks, overstocks, excess stocks, bankrupt stocks, customer returns and all other wholesale goods. We are a wholesale trading platform, which brings together buyers and wholesalers from all over the world. Thanks to our database of wholesalers, you are getting information about the companies, which are offering liquidation stocks, clearance stocks, excess stocks. Our platform gives you an option of buying goods of the biggest brands for a fracture of their wholesale price. You can buy anything, starting from branded wholesale clothing, liquidation stocks, through untested customer returns, and with other companies.
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Life-Cycle Ltd

Life-Cycle Ltd is a wholesale distributor of premium sports brands to cycling, sports and nutrition retailers in Ireland. We started the company in 2005 after a lifelong love of cycling, sports and sports nutrition. As a wholesale distributor, we do not sell directly to consumers. However we do work to provide the best deals possible for the brands we sell.
Keywords: Wholesale, sport, cycling, nutrition, sport nutrition, brands, Ireland


Wildhunter Wholesale is a trade only website. We offer a range of high quality fieldsport Items to trade customers. Many of the products are our own Wildhunter brand products and we also offer other high quality brands from other manufacturers.
Keywords: Wholesale, field-sport, high quality, brand, Ireland

Tony O'Regan Wholesale

At Tony O'Regan Wholesale we are one of Ireland’s leading wholesalers of top quality bicycles, supplying a number of retailers nationwide. As we are a wholesaler we do not sell directly to customers, however, we do work to ensure customers are receiving the best deals through our close partnerships with our brands.
Keywords: Wholesale, bicycles, quality, prices available, Ireland


Leydens Wholesalers and Distributors Dublin is a large scale Wholesale operation and leading distributor of major Sports Nutrition brands in Ireland.
Keywords: Sports Nutrition

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