Health and Medical

Calco has been supplying Pharmacies and Department stores with Health and Beauty products.
Keywords: Wholesale, pharmacies, health, beauty, Ireland

Irish Health Foods

Our company prides itself on its commitment to providing organic and conventional whole foods of the highest quality to the independent retail sector in the Republic of Ireland. In addition to whole foods, our company-owned fleet carries out regular deliveries of a full range of ambient, chilled and frozen goods, along with supplements and body care products.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, health, body care, large range, high quality, Ireland

PJT Sales

We are specialist's in Wholesale FMCG, Discounted Stock, Promotional Stock and Clearance Lines. We specialise in: Excessive Stock Levels, Production Over-Runs, Promotional & Price Marked Packs, Short Dated Products, Store Returns, etc.
Keywords: Wholesale, discount stocks, food, biscuits, confectionery, pet food, baby products, beauty, health care, household, beverages, soft drinks, Ireland

Stafford Bonded

Stafford Bonded is a Wexford based family business dealing in the bond storage and brokerage of wines, spirits, beers and tobaccos. We also offer a complete whiskey solution from bulk to bottle.
Keywords: Wholesale, drinks, beverages, spirits, beers, tobaccos, whiskeys, Ireland

Woods Fruit and Veg

The business now operates with fresh fruit and veg at wholesale price. We supply many of the offices in Dublin with fresh fruit on a daily basis.
Keywords: Wholesale, fruit, vegetables, food, health, Ireland

Mainscourt Electrical Supplies

Mainscourt Electrical Wholesalers North Dublin have a range of domestic and commercial ventilation products to help maintain a comfortable atmosphere throughout your home or workplace. Our selection of ceiling and wall extractor fans, flexible ducting, fixed and flap grills, Icon timer and humidity units help rid your home of moisture and indoor air pollutants for a fresh and healthy environment
Keywords: Wholesale, electrical, range, ventilation, ventilation products, fresh, healthy environment, Ireland

Natural Food

Donegal Natural Foods provides you with high quality Nuts, Snacks, Confectionery, Dried fruit, Seeds and a range of other products. We are a wholesale business that supplies independent and central billing retail stores.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, natural, health, high quality, confectionery, dried fruit, range, Ireland

Volt Retail

Volt Retail is an online outlet retailer selling quality products at unbeatable prices. We are a health food supplement supplier of nutriceutical products, these products are food supplements and perform to all safety guidelines for such products and can be purchased from companies both on the high street and online.
Keywords: Wholesale, health, health food supplement, nutraceutical, food supplements, Ireland

Kemneeds wholesale of chemist sundries

We are a family owned business; well known and established in the pharmacy sector since 1984. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in wholesaling Chemist Sundries to independent and group pharmacies throughout Ireland. We offer a wide retail product range of Chemist Sundries, Health and Beauty Products, Toiletries, Gifts, Toys, Hair Fashion, Watches and Jewellery, Baby Care and much more! Our wide range of over 1000 products includes well-known brands such as Wisdom, Colgate, Denman, Baylis & Harding and Clippasafe along with a large range of daily essentials. We regularly introduce new ranges of products for your pharmacy and hold our annual Gift Shows in May.
Keywords: Wholesale, pharmacies, range, beauty products, toiletries, gifts, toys, hair fashion, watches, jewelry, baby care, brands, Ireland, UK


Established in 1985, Sundrelle has grown to become one of Ireland’s largest Pharmacy Wholesale distributors. Sundrelle supplies 98% of the pharmacies in Ireland along with many Beauty Salons and Department Stores. As well as being the exclusive distributor of some leading beauty brands, Sundrelle has some exclusive brands of its own. The infinity range is our complete line of personal care and the Beam Teeth Whitening Kit is one of the most exciting new teeth whitening products on the market.
Keywords: Wholesale, pharmacies, beauty, brands, range, teeth whitening kit, Ireland


Established in 1986, PCO Manufacturing is the only Irish pharmaceuticals wholesaler to carry out all product repackaging and labeling on-site at our own Health Products Regulatory Authority approved manufacturing plant located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath. At PCO Manufacturing, we pride ourselves in being able to offer Irish pharmacists with the largest and best quality range of pharmaceutical, prescription and OTC products.
Keywords: Wholesale, pharmaceuticals, health, pharmacists, medicines, products, quality, Ireland

Lavida Food

Lavida Food is an ambitious, exciting and innovative gourmet food company based in the UK and Ireland. We specialize in the sales, marketing and distribution of quality, gourmet foods and whole foods from around the world, which are suitable for people living with certain food allergies and intolerances such as gluten and or wheat intolerance. Our clients include independent wholesalers. We have a distribution network that allows us to distribute nationwide throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe as well as our own online store that sells Europe-wide.a
Keywords: Wholesale, food, gourmet, quality, food allergies, gluten intolerances, wheat intolerance, Ireland

Duggan Veterinary

Duggan Veterinary, was founded in 1987 with the mission of providing the veterinary surgeon with premium, affordable products for use in the treatment of animals, be they large or just a companion animal in the home-place. To be the premium wholesaler, Duggan Veterinary employs efficient and closely monitored order supply systems to ensure that the assembly of each order is correct for each and every shipment.
Keywords: Wholesale, veterinary, products, treatment of animals, health, Ireland

RiseVape Distribution

The cornerstones of our operation are, distributing the highest quality e-liquid available on the market.
Keywords: Wholesale, e-liquid, vape, quality, Ireland


At Agrihealth we work with our customers to provide quality products at the best prices. We focus on providing a unique range of products that maximize your potential for growth and provides something different to delight your customer. Our online ordering facility also ensures access to our full range of products and up to date information.
Keywords: Wholesale, agriculture, health, environment, range, animals, veterinary, laboratory, poultry industry, pharmacies

Kadona Wholesale

Established in 1992; Kadona Wholesale Ltd. Is a family run business that has been providing a high quality, reliable and trusted grocery wholesale service to retailers for the best part of 30 years. Kadona Wholesale Ltd. are leading suppliers to retailers across Ireland. Our vast selection of products includes beverages, biscuits, confectionery, multipacks, pet food, laundry and detergents, wines, beers and spirits, paperware and toiletries, household accessories, medical and more.
Keywords: Wholesale, high quality, full range, beverages, drinks, food, biscuits, confectioneries, pet food, laundry, detergent, wines, beers, spirits, toiletries, household accessories, medical, Ireland

McCarrick Brother

The company prospered operating a cash and carry business and a wholesale delivered business which covered the midlands and parts of Connacht and Leinster. McCarrick Brother sell a large range of products passing by food, beverages (minerals, alcohol...), and others like products for babies, medicals products or household products.
Keywords: Wholesale, large range, food, beverages, alcohol, tobacco, minerals, medicals products, household products, babies products

Life-Cycle Ltd

Life-Cycle Ltd is a wholesale distributor of premium sports brands to cycling, sports and nutrition retailers in Ireland. We started the company in 2005 after a lifelong love of cycling, sports and sports nutrition. As a wholesale distributor, we do not sell directly to consumers. However we do work to provide the best deals possible for the brands we sell.
Keywords: Wholesale, sport, cycling, nutrition, sport nutrition, brands, Ireland

Brown's Fruit & Veg Ltd

Brown's Fruit & Veg Ltd is a family owned business providing wholesale fresh produce to commercial customers.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, fruits, vegetables, fresh products, quality, Ireland

Value Center

Value Centre is Ireland’s largest network of Wholesale Cash & Carry’s with 21 branches nationwide offering both a walk in and delivered service. Value Centre is part of BWG Foods UC, one of Ireland’s leading food retail and wholesale companies. Through our retail and wholesale businesses we serve more than 14,000 customers across the Republic of Ireland. Each Value Centre has a product listing of over 15,000 lines and carries a full range of retail and catering Own Brand products as an exclusive range of retail and on-trade wines. All products are competitively priced and both local & national promotions run on a regular basis across all product categories including alcohol, confectionery, health & beauty, fresh, frozen, catering products plus many more.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, full range, beverages, alcohol, confectionery, health, beauty, fresh, frozen, catering products

Aim Wholesale Cash & Carry

Aim Cash and Carry is Ireland’s leading No-1 Wholesale Cash and Carry. We carry an extensive range of products which include LED/LCD TVs, branded electrical appliances, confectionery, health & beauty, household, kitchenware, gardening, toys, gifts, hardware and seasonal products all year round.
Keywords: Wholesale, range, electronic, electrical appliances, confectionery, health & beauty, household, kitchenware, gardening, toys, gifts, hardware, seasonal products, Ireland,


We are Ireland’s fastest growing veterinary wholesaler and distributor. Acravet Ltd provide an extensive portfolio of products to the Veterinary and Animal Health sectors in Ireland.These veterinary products are used for both the treatment and prevention of diseases in animals ranging from cattle, sheep, horses and pigs, to domestic pets such as dogs, cats and hens.
Keywords: Wholesale, veterinary, health, animals, treatment, prevention, diseases


Founded in 1983, Wholefoods Wholesale is Ireland's largest and longest established distributor of natural foods and healthcare products including vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, licensed medicines, body care and haircare.Wholefoods Wholesale is committed to connecting our retail customers, with the leading Irish and international brands that empower Ireland’s consumers towards healthier lifestyles. We endeavour to do so in a professional and friendly way.
Keywords: Wholesale, distributor, natual food, healthcare, vitamin, mineral, herbal remedies, licensed medicines, bodycare, haircare

Wild Irish Seaweed

Currently wholesale worldwide. Wild Irish Seaweeds are also sold in Bulk. They are harvested in season to provide optimum nutrition and are organically certified by IOFGA. Our harvesting waters are tested quarterly to ensure the highest quality and we operate within HSE Guidelines.
Keywords: Wholesale, Bulk, Nutrition, High quality


Leydens Wholesalers and Distributors Dublin is a large scale Wholesale operation and leading distributor of major Sports Nutrition brands in Ireland.
Keywords: Sports Nutrition

Irish Seaweeds

Irish Seaweeds, previously Dolphin Sea Vegetable Company, Northern Ireland was established in 1990. They are a small family run and orientated business based in Belfast. They hand harvest Irish seaweeds. See the Wholesale Directory listing for Irish Seaweeds, suppliers of wholesale seaweed products to Irish retailers.
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Stafford Lynch

See the Wholesale Directory listing for Stafford Lynch, wholesale suppliers of ambient, household and healthcare brands.
Keywords: wholesale irish pharmacy, wholesale irish retail, foodservices, retails, sales, marketing, distribution, stafford lynch,

Medisource Ltd

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Medisource deliver pharmaceutical supplies across Europe and are leaders in the sourcing and supply of exempt medicinal products
Keywords: pharmaceutical supplies, wholesale medical supplies, medical supply distributor, medical reseller, clinical trial supplies,

Western Hygiene

See the Wholesale Directory listing for Western Hygiene, suppliers of hygiene, cleaning and healthcare supplies to Irish hospitality, catering and industrial customers.
Keywords: Hygiene Supplies, Cleaning Products, Healthcare Products, Hygiene Products, irish wholesale cleaning supplies

Fitzpatrick Wholesale

Fitzpatrick Wholesale has been supplying goods to retailers all over Ireland for over fifty years. they are a trade wholesaler of Toys, Stationery, Hardware, Fancy Goods, Household, Health & Beauty, Electrical, Food & Drink, Party & Disposables, St.Patricks Day, Garden, Outdoor and Seasonal products.
Keywords: retailer, Toys, Stationery, Hardware, Fancy Goods, Household, Health & Beauty, Electrical, Food & Drink, Party & Disposables, St.Patricks Day, Ireland, Garden &Outdoor, Seasonal, import, export, worldwide.

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