Food Suppliers & Beverages


We are open to all sectors of the food industry, from the small producer to wholesalers, distributors, delis, you name it! Our product range aims to cater for various international styles and flavours, specialising in Italian & Mediterranean cooking, French cuisine, Asian foods and much more.
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Glenmar Shellfish has been serving the Export fishing industry for now over thirty years, and over the last three years particularly. There has been an ambitious move by Glenmar to maximise the quality of the seafood product, investing in new product range of Prawn, Monk and Squid for freezing on board of the vessels. At Glenmar Shellfish we produce, market and export a range of premium Cooked seafood products renowned throughout mainland Europe and Scandinavia. All our Land Frozen seafood products are processed under EU, FDA, BRC and HACCP approved facilities. This allows us to maintain exceptional quality assurance across all our seafood range of Prawns, Brown Crab, Scallop, Razor Clams, Lobster, Squid, White Fish, that we can confidently pass on to our customers.
Keywords: Wholesale, fish food, food, Ireland

BWG Foods

BWG Foods UC is part of BWG Group, a leading retail and wholesale distribution company operating in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. BWG owns and operates a number of leading retail brands. BWG also owns and operates leading Irish wholesale brands, BWG Foodservice and Value Centre Cash & Carry. The Group is a long established wholesale and retail company in the Irish grocery trade and was formed by the amalgamation of four independent wholesale companies in the 1970’s.
Keywords: Wholesale, brands, food service, beverages, wine, spirits, Ireland

Tea and Coffee Suppliers

Tea and Coffee Suppliers is an online and retail loose tea and coffee store dedicated in providing you with quality tea products as loose black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, mate tea, and more tea products! At Tea and Coffee Suppliers we offer only the finest coffee beans. that reason we thoroughly select our suppliers and only aim for the highest quality tea leaves and coffee beans.
Keywords: Wholesale, drink, coffee, tea, green tea, white tea, black tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, mate tea, large range, coffee beans, quality, Ireland

Pallas Foods

Now part of Sysco, Pallas Foods is the largest food business on the Island of Ireland. Our customers rely on their products with a range of over 10,000 fresh, frozen and ambient food products, non-food products, a bespoke wine list and the latest in beers and spirits.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, fresh frozen and ambient products, non-food, beverages, wine, beers, alcohol, spirits, ireland

CBG Wholesale

At CBG Wholesale we understand that the beverage industry is constantly changing. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our quality products and excellent service.
Keywords: Wholesale, beverages, drinks, Ireland

Meade Potato Company

Meade Potato Company is one of the country’s largest growers, packers and distributors of fresh produce to the retail market. Some of the products Meade Potato Company grow pack and distribute are: Potatoes cabbage mushrooms rhubarb strawberries for some others this company has to look abroad for like kiwis
Keywords: Wholesale, fruit, vegetables, flowers, growers, packers, distributors

Irish Health Foods

Our company prides itself on its commitment to providing organic and conventional whole foods of the highest quality to the independent retail sector in the Republic of Ireland. In addition to whole foods, our company-owned fleet carries out regular deliveries of a full range of ambient, chilled and frozen goods, along with supplements and body care products.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, health, body care, large range, high quality, Ireland

Brennan Group

The Brennan Group specialise in quality catering supplies and equipment and offer years of experience supplying the various food sectors in Ireland.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, food equipment, quality, Ireland

PJT Sales

We are specialist's in Wholesale FMCG, Discounted Stock, Promotional Stock and Clearance Lines. We specialise in: Excessive Stock Levels, Production Over-Runs, Promotional & Price Marked Packs, Short Dated Products, Store Returns, etc.
Keywords: Wholesale, discount stocks, food, biscuits, confectionery, pet food, baby products, beauty, health care, household, beverages, soft drinks, Ireland


Merkandi is an international wholesale trading platform for regular products as well as liquidation stocks, overstocks, excess stocks, bankrupt stocks, customer returns and all other wholesale goods. We are a wholesale trading platform, which brings together buyers and wholesalers from all over the world. Thanks to our database of wholesalers, you are getting information about the companies, which are offering liquidation stocks, clearance stocks, excess stocks. Our platform gives you an option of buying goods of the biggest brands for a fracture of their wholesale price. You can buy anything, starting from branded wholesale clothing, liquidation stocks, through untested customer returns, and with other companies.
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Stafford Bonded

Stafford Bonded is a Wexford based family business dealing in the bond storage and brokerage of wines, spirits, beers and tobaccos. We also offer a complete whiskey solution from bulk to bottle.
Keywords: Wholesale, drinks, beverages, spirits, beers, tobaccos, whiskeys, Ireland

Galvins Wines & Spirits

With over 40 years in the Drinks trade, Galvins wines & spirits offers unrivaled experience and knowledge of beers, wines, and spirits, this has enabled us to offer a very high level of customer service for which we are proud of. We stock a full range of packaged beer, wines and spirits as well as kegs, confectionery, soft drinks, and cigarette products. We offer a full party and wedding service including keg hire, glass hire, ice, case discounts and cocktail lists & recipes.
Keywords: Wholesale, drinks, beverages, food, wines, spirits, beers, soft drinks, cigarettes, tobacco, brands, wedding service, quality, Ireland

Ashgrove Meats

Ashgrove wholesale was founded to facilitate the production and sale of beef and lamb direct to catering outlets i.e hotels, restaurants and other retail outlets. Over the years the two brothers have developed a wholesale meat business renowned in the industry for a keen focus on supplying excellent, quality meats to it’s customers.
Keywords: Wholesale, meats, food, quality, Ireland

Janets Country Fayre

Janet’s Country Fayre is Ireland’s leading artisan producer of chutneys and relishes, pasta sauces and pizza sauces. Award winning products, produced in Co. Wicklow. Pure taste and additive free goodness. We are one of Ireland’s leading artisan producers of premium chutneys and relishes. We produce our unique range of traditional and contemporary style products in a modern purpose built production kitchen in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, artisanal, traditional range, pizza, pasta, sauces, quality, Ireland


Frylite is Ireland's leading supplier of fresh cooking oil and collector of waste oil. With a reputation that has been built on exceptional quality products and service, we have an unbeatable wealth of knowledge and expertise of the food service sector throughout Ireland. At Frylite, we provide the complete oil management system, with a ground breaking all in one oil supply and waste collection service.
Keywords: Wholesale, oil, cooking, quality, oil waste, Ireland

Glen Aine Foods

Glen Aine Foods operates from a 20,000 sq. ft. purpose built food grade facility in Co Limerick. We pride ourselves on sourcing and producing only the finest quality cooked meats to meet our customers' requirements at competitive prices. Products can be supplied in a variety of formats and flavours. Our bulk hams can be crumbed, smoked, or honey roasted as required. We can offer a variety of pack sizes and packaging formats for sliced, diced, shaved and shredded cooked meats.
Keywords: Wholesale, meats, food, ham, smoked, honey roasted, bulks, quality, Ireland


O’Reilly’s Wholesale, established in 1959, are leading specialists in the distribution of confectionery, grocery and all things FMCG throughout Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the UK.
Keywords: Wholesale, confectionery, food, Crisps & Snacks, Soft Drinks, Household, Baby Food, Beverages, Snacks, full range, Ireland

Prestige Foods

At Prestige Foods our mission is to create unique experiences by delivering high-quality culinary products and solutions accompanied by a flexible approach and outstanding service. We are proud to deliver Artisan food products – true craftsmanship and our flexible approach means we are big enough to deliver and small enough to listen.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, quality, Ireland

Woods Fruit and Veg

The business now operates with fresh fruit and veg at wholesale price. We supply many of the offices in Dublin with fresh fruit on a daily basis.
Keywords: Wholesale, fruit, vegetables, food, health, Ireland

C&C Group

C&C Group brands include: Bulmers the leading Irish cider brand, Tennent’s, the leading Scottish beer brand; Magners the premium international cider brand; a range of super-premium and craft ciders and beers such as: Heverlee, Orchard Pig and Five lamps; as well as Tipperary Water; and Finches soft drinks. C&C Group also owns and manufactures Woodchuck, a leading craft cider brand in the United States and manufactures and distributes a number of 3rd party international beer brands in the UK and Ireland. C&C is also the leading drinks wholesaler to the hospitality industry in the UK and Ireland, where it operates under the Matthew Clark, Bibendum, Tennent’s and C&C Gleeson brands.
Keywords: Wholesale, drinks, beer, cider, water, brands, Ireland

Gahan Meats

Wholesale Meat Full Product List Gahan meats supply meat, poultry, cooked meats and frozen meats to some of the Top Hotels and Caterers in the Leinster area. We are meat specialists: We have vast combined experience in all areas of meat and poultry. For our Wholesale Meat customers you can now view our new Product List for 2016. Here you will find hundreds of different products that are now available from Gahan Meats. This is a comprehensive guide to our top quality Beef, Pork, Poultryand Game, including cooked meats and frozen products.
Keywords: Wholesale, meats, poultry, frozen, quality, beef, pork, Ireland

K.C. Norton Foods

K & C Norton Wholesale Foods has been at the forefront of Ireland’s Italian food community since 1987, we now supply premium authentic Italian food and drink to every corner of Ireland.
Keywords: Wholesale, Italian food, food, Italy, drink, brands, range, Ireland


Counterpoint was launched in 2013 and was originally known as Britvic Licensed Wholesale Ltd. Later in 1852 Thomas Cantrell invented ginger ale in Belfast, the brand we call Club Ginger Ale today.
Keywords: Wholesale, drinks, soda, ginger ale, bar, Ireland

Asia Market

We are one of the largest Asian food suppliers of fresh, frozen, dried and canned goods to the restaurant, catering and retail trade in Ireland since 1981. We stock Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Philippine, Mediterranean and Western food ingredients including kitchen and household utensils at very competitive prices.
Keywords: Wholesale, asian food, food, fresh, frozen, dried, canned goods, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Philippine, Mediterranean, Western, Ireland


Largest wholesale and retail supplier of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, herbs and spices in Ireland Whether you are buying for personal or business use our wide range of products is available to buy in small or bulk size.
Keywords: Wholesale, nuts, herbs, seeds, dried fruits, range, bulk size, quality, ireland

Little Italy

Little Italy was the first Italian gourmet food shop in Ireland. It was founded in the 1980’s primarily to cater for the local Italian community and their culinary needs. Over the years the family business has expanded due to the popularity of Italian food. We pride ourselves on importing and distributing premium quality food and wine from all regions of Italy.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, drinks, Italy, Italian products, wine, gourmet, Ireland is involved in the wholesale supply of fruit and vegetables to the catering industry.
Keywords: Wholesale, fruits, vegetables, food, Ireland

Jackie Leonard & Sons

Jackie Leonard & Sons is a family run wholesale Fruit and Vegetable business operating over four generations since 1892 from the Corporation Fruit Market, Dublin. We supply top quality produce to a wide customer base across all areas of the fresh food industry.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, fruits, vegetables, fresh products, cheese, eggs, cooking, oils, wines, large range, quality, Ireland


It is a 30,000 sq ft Beef Carcass Deboning facility with a current throughput of approximately 4,000 tons per annum suppling UK, Denmark, Italy, France and also the home market here in Ireland. We are also licenced to Produce mince and most other meat preparations for the food service, catering and manufacturing industry both here in Ireland and abroad. Specialists in the deboning of quality Beef and Lamb since 1980, here at Branagan's Meats we welcome every customer - be you wholesale, trade or retail.
Keywords: Wholesale, meat, food, lamb, beef, pork, chicken, food service, quality, Ireland

We wholesale confectionery to retail shops. market sellers and sweet cart holders. We also sell to the public for parties and weddings etc., We supply some of the very best traditional, handmade fudge and offer a wide range of confectionery items. including a large range of boiled sweets, available in Ireland many of which, you may not find in other sweet shops, as some are exclusive to us. We also stock "nut"ritious" nuts, these come in wholesale and retail packing, we source our nuts from all over the world, and distribute them in sealed containers and packages. Our nuts are "nut"ritious" and a real healthy alternative option to sweets, a firm favourite with adults and children alike for parties, lunches or just on the go.
Keywords: Wholesale, confectionery, food, sweet, weddings, fudge, large range, nuts, adults, children, Ireland

Kish Fish

Kish Fish supplies wholesale seafood to various market sectors, customers include contract catering companies, hospitals, nursing homes and retails shops. We supply an extensive range and offer a seafood solution to the individual chef’s requirements such as scaling, filleting, skinning, pin-boning and portioning.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, seafood, fish, extensive range, Ireland

Noor & Madina

Noor Madina Asian Foods Ltd. established in 2004 in the wholesale vegetable market in the heart of Dublin city centre. Our business is wholesale and distributing to the Ethnic/African retail and catering trade throughout Ireland. We are specialists in fresh exotic fruit and vegetables to ambient foods and also frozen exotic seafood please check our products page. Recently we have opened a wholesale shop, open to the public please see our wholesale shop page for latest offers.
Keywords: Wholesale, Asian food, ethnic, African, fruits, vegetables, frozen, quality, Ireland

Blake Brothers

The company distribute frozen, chilled, ambient and non-food products in the Leinster region. Blake Brothers stock an extensive range of products accumulating to over 2,000 product lines. Blake Brothers carries a complete range of products catering for all sectors in the foodservice industry. Some major brands include Diggers, Stafford’s Bakeries, Aviko, Coca-Cola, Silver Pail, Patisserie Royale, Lutosa, Lamb Weston, Shannon Vale Poultry and Ardo vegetables.
Keywords: Wholesale, frozen, chilled, ambient, non-food, extensive range, products, brands, Ireland

Maxela Ltd

Maxela LTD was originally established in 2005 as a wholesale distributor of the Eastern European food products.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, distribution, quality, Ireland

Cash & Carry homestead

As a member of the Stonehouse Group, Ireland's leading independent wholesale company with an extensive network of member companies, we are provided with strong buying powers thus enabling us to guarantee value for money and quality of products to our customers. The product range includes food and non food items: Confectionery, Beverages, Grocery, Minerals, Food.
Keywords: Wholesale, products, range, food, no food, confectionery, beverages, grocery, minerals food, quality, Ireland

Donegal Fruit

At Donegal Fruit Company Ltd, we source and distribute home grown and imported fresh fruit, salad and vegetables for the wholesale, retail and catering business. We daily meet the needs of wholesalers, retailers, and the catering trade throughout the North West from our warehouse in Donegal Town, and through our sister company Foyle Fruit in Derry.
Keywords: Wholesale, fresh, fruits, food, vegetables, range, Ireland

Natural Food

Donegal Natural Foods provides you with high quality Nuts, Snacks, Confectionery, Dried fruit, Seeds and a range of other products. We are a wholesale business that supplies independent and central billing retail stores.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, natural, health, high quality, confectionery, dried fruit, range, Ireland

Volt Retail

Volt Retail is an online outlet retailer selling quality products at unbeatable prices. We are a health food supplement supplier of nutriceutical products, these products are food supplements and perform to all safety guidelines for such products and can be purchased from companies both on the high street and online.
Keywords: Wholesale, health, health food supplement, nutraceutical, food supplements, Ireland

Asian Foods

Welcome to asian foods wholesale store. Wholesale offers high quality products at competitive prices. Our quality assured and come directly from carefully chosen manufacturers. Therefore, you’ll find our products to feature the latest taste and to be offered at the best prices around.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, asiatique, asian food, high quality, Ireland


Frozen pastry wholesalers and bakery products in Derry since 1916.. Strict hygiene controls We're the frozen pastry suppliers who make your life easier. Celebration Cakes Wedding cakes, Birthday cakes and cakes for special occasions.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, bakery, frozen, cake, pastry, celebration cakes, weddings cakes, birthday cakes, cakes for special occasions, Ireland

Express Food Service

Express Food Service is one of the most recognised wholesale food suppliers in NI. They cater to the UK, N. Ireland as well as Ireland.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, pizza, meat, chicken, lard, fish, frozen, burgers, potatoes, drinks, coffee, dessert, packaging, full range, Ireland, UK

Sherwood Foods

Offering an extensive range of quality meats to the trade wholesale Bringing our brand of your favourite pre-cut and freshly packed meat cuts to the public, through our approved online distributors.
Keywords: Wholesale, meats, extensive range, pre-cut, fresh, quality, Ireland, UK

Western Stores

Western Stores Ltd is the leading Mid Ulster independent wholesaler. The company continues to hold strong to the traditional values that nurtured it from its inception in the van; hard work, sound customer relations, timely delivery and varied, competitive product placement. We have a vast product range on offer to cater for all your needs, offering thousands of products across a wide range. We are your one stop shop for all your catering needs.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, large range, vegetables, ice cream, meat, confiseries, drinks, soft drinks, brands, household, cleaning products, Ireland, UK

Connolly's butchers of distinction

Connolly Meats is a family run business that currently has three generations working together under the same roof. The core of our business centres around sourcing and producing all the products that come from pigs and pigmeat, a list of which can be found at the bottom of our shopping page. Our fleet of vans and HGVs distribute to everyone from small convenient stores and supermarkets, to local butchers and wholesalers, to the bigger retailers
Keywords: Wholesale, food, meat, farm, pigs, pigment, range, quality, butchers, Ireland, UK

Castle Food Service

Established 2013, we keep a large range of stock to serve a large range of local businesses. Local Cash and Carry with speedy delivery service. Based in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. Castle Foods provides a range of wholesale goods to serve your needs for catering, cleaning, and more.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, cleaning, catering, large range, Ireland, UK

Orchard Fresh Foods Ltd

Orchard Fresh Foods Ltd specialises in growing and processing natural Bramley apples. As natural apple growers we have many years of experience and a genuine passion for growing apples. We sell fresh Bramley apple for wholesale and retail trade. We are apple pie producers supplying processed apple for the catering and bakery market. Our range of processed apple products includes fresh and apple pie mix. We also offer rhubarb and berry pie mixes. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is high and we aim to provide a quality service from the growing of the apples until the finished product delivered to our customer.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, fresh, apples, high quality, apple mix, Ireland, UK


Working closely with our growers we have developed a wide range of products which we supply to Retail, Wholesale, Processing and Food Service companies. We are continuously expanding our portfolio of products and can tailor products to suit all business types. Gilfresh were delighted to launch its own Gilfresh brand of core and prepared vegetable products to stores across Northern Ireland. The Gilfresh range continues to be developed and is now sold in stores across the UK.
Keywords: Wholesale, vegetables, cabbages, salad, quality, range, Ireland, UK

M.R. Foods Wholesale Ltd

We produce frozen Halal Doner Kebabs and Chicken Tikka Kebabs both raw and cooked within our factory facility, for the food service, wholesale and retail sector.
Keywords: Wholesale, kebab, food, halal, chicken kebab, food service, Ireland, UK

Armagh Potato Co Ltd

We have been a potato supplier locally in Armagh, and many of the surrounding areas, providing quality supplies to the local businesses over the last 50 years.
Keywords: Wholesale, potatoes, quality, Ireland, UK

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