Food Suppliers & Beverages

Provincial Marketing

Provincial marketing was set up in 1993 as a sole trader by Charles Guy, operating as a van sales business specialising in Lids Confectionery. As well as confectionery, the company distributes a wide range of soft drinks which includes Coke, Lucozade, Boost etc, also biscuit lines and household goods.
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We are proactive in sourcing the freshest produce from quality growers both locally and in the wider market. Any exotic or unusual fruit or vegetable will be sourced on request. Fruits, vegetables, salads, herbs, berries, potatoes, baby vegetables, dried fruits and nuts, a wide range of quality prepared produce and dairy produce – these are some of our core supply to shops , hotels and restaurants.
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O'Neills Flowers

Based in the picturesque Cooley Peninsula, County Louth, Ireland, we grow our own varieties of cut flowers as well as directly importing from the Dutch auction and Growers throughout the world. We specialising in Fresh Mixed Flower Bouquets, Wedding Flowers and Funeral Flowers. We also grow seasonal bedding plants as well as fruit and vegetables. Our services include high quality Floral Bouquets, Wedding Flowers and Floral Grave Tributes, as well as a container and flowerbed planting service both. At O'Neill's flowers, we are able to cater to all types of customers, including other florists. If you are a florist or own a store and would like to stock products from our range, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to supply bouquets in a mix of 3, 4 and 6.
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Ashbrook Foods

We provide Wholesale Meat to the Restaurant & Hotel Industry. We focus on quality and would be happy to provide references. We count some of the finest restaurants in Ireland among our Customers and have done so for over 10 years. Situated in the North East of Leinster in County Louth Ashbrook foods pride ourselves on providing the best quality meat at competitive prices. Ashbrook Food was established in 2003 and since then we have grown with our customers by processing and supplying prime quality meat to some of the best hotels, restaurants and butchers in the surrounding area.
Keywords: Wholesale, meat, best quality, food, butchers, Ireland

Bubbles Wholesale

We were established in 2010 by the entrepreneurial Mackin family, who have continued to expand, and today trade as one of Ireland’s largest independent wholesalers.We are able to offer the value and range of a national distributor covering confectionery, soft drinks, grocery, household, hardware, toiletries and pet care. We offer free delivery to the whole island of Ireland. Wherever you are based one of our Sales Representatives can visit you on a weekly basis so you can be assured of our personal attention.
Keywords: Wholesale, large range, soft drink, grocery, household, hardware, toiletries, pet care, Ireland

Bell Lane Coffee

Bell Lane was a dream that came true in 2012, after business and passion for great coffee combined. We met a master roaster and between us set to work creating the great signature coffee that went beyond anything else on the market. At Bell Lane, we don’t just want to sell you great coffee. We want to be a partner in providing your customers with the best possible coffee experience.
Keywords: Wholesale, drink, coffee, Ireland

Athlone Cash & Carry

We provide the chain that links you to your customers by stocking a wide range of foods and products for wholesale distribution. We love launching new products ranges for our customers, so that they can grow their brand and spread their reach.
Keywords: Wholesale, drinks, water, soft drinks, Ireland

Lituanica Ireland

Lituanica Ltd is one of the biggest Eastern Europe food and drink distributors in Ireland. The company specialising wholesale as well as retail of various meat, bread and dairy products, confectionery, teas & coffees, soft drinks & alcoholic beverages, as well as newspapers, magazines and other goods from East Europe.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, drinks, meat, bread, confectionary, teas, coffee, soft drinks, alcoholics beverages, newspapers, magazines, full range, fresh, Ireland


Welcome to McCloskeys Bakery website, the home of Traditional Artisan bakery on the East Coast of Ireland. We pride ourselves in making only the best of bread, bagels, cakes and confectionary for our customers. Freshness and quality are the hallmarks for the business which has been a household name for over 70 years now and our customers continually come back because of it. McCloskeys produces Artisan bread, European bread, Soda bread, traditional Bread, Rolls, Baps and Bagels, Cakes and an excellent selection of Confectionery. All of these can be sampled at McCloskeys own branded outlets in Drogheda (the Moorland Café & McCloskeys Trinity Street Shop) and in Navan (Navan Shopping Centre). If you are a wholesaler, retailer or restaurateur, we can provide you with the best quality and choice of baked goods, for your business. We also export and can provide frozen and par baked produce.
Keywords: Wholesale, traditional, bakery, bread, food, rolls, baps, bagels, quality, Ireland

Fruits of Nature

Fruits of Nature first opened its doors in 2006. We are a fresh produce supplier with over 30 years experience in the wholesale service industry. With customers ranging from small corner shops to convenience stores, award winning restaurants and hotels we strive to offer a reliable consistent service.
Keywords: Wholesale, fruits, vegetables, food, farm, Ireland

Farm House Foods

Dunnes Farmhouse Foods have been supplying quality wholesale meat to companies for the past 33 years and have built up a reputation for delivering, service and product choice. We supply a range of quality raw and cooked meats from Beef, Lamb, Pork and Bacon to Turkey, Chicken and Fish to hotels, restaurants, retailers and caterers nationwide.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, farmhouse, meat, range, quality, beef, lamb, pork, bacon, chicken, fish, Ireland

Durnin's Fruit and Veg

Welcome to Durnin’s fruit and veg / Durnin’s Potatoes, leading Irish growers & distributors of potatoes & fresh fruit and vegetables, exotics, and prepared vegetables. We daily meet the needs of retailers, wholesalers and the catering trade throughout the east and the north east from our warehouse and storage facilities. The business Is now committed to best practice service delivery of the most comprehensive range of fresh produce to retail and catering industry.
Keywords: Wholesale, fruits, foos, vegetables, potatoes, exotics, range, fresh, Ireland

Nick's Fish

Nicholas Lynch Ltd is a family run business that was founded by Nicholas Lynch in 1984 after he had decided to change from working on his brother John’s fishing boat, The Marita, to the processing and wholesale side of the fishing industry. Today Nicholas Lynch Ltd is run by Nicholas and Niall who with their team have developed a very strong wholesale business as well as two retail shops which are regarded as some of the top in the country, both winning multiple awards within the sector.
Keywords: Wholesale, fish, seafood, Ireland

Irish Country Meats

As Irelands only specialist sheep meat processor, Irish Country Meats can deliver a range of premium lamb products tailored to the needs of the wholesale sector. Our lamb products can carefully prepared to your desired specification and packaged in a variety of formats e.g. fresh, hanging, boxed or vacuum packed. You can choose from our extensive range of competitively priced, quality products.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, meats, sheep, range, lamb, quality, Ireland

Home Brew West

We have retail packs complete solutions for the most popular home brew beers and wines. Home Brew West are official wholesale agents in Ireland for dozens of brands including Coopers, Hambleton Bard, The Craft Range, Senson, Finlandia, Brouwland, Speidel, Brupaks, Kilner, Rayware, Enolandia and many others. We can now get products to you at better prices than you can get by going directly to home brew wholesalers in the UK.
Keywords: Wholesale, beverages, drinks, beers, wines, brew, Ireland

Total Produce Food Service

We distribute the finest fruits and vegetables from across the globe alongside a wide range of prepared vegetables for the foodService sector.
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The Dockside Deli

When the duo started out, the science we have today didn’t exist and so, the Holland family developed their knowledge of the fishing industry organically through their work each day in their local city of Galway. As time has passed, the importance of knowledge, instinct and a love for fish has become a rare thing. Today, the business has a modern structure and while its ever-growing wholesale customer base remains core to the business, Galway Bay Seafoods now offers a whole lot more.
Keywords: Wholesale, fish, fresh, quality, Ireland

Premier Frozen Foods

Premier Foods was established in 2010 by Adrian Cullen, it is a small family run business that prides itself on delivering great Foods & an excellent service, in Oct 2012 we opened a small wholesale shop /collection point for our local customer needs, Big or Small we now cater for all.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, fresh, frozen, range, Ireland

O'Hanlon Herbs

Our farm operations consists of modern growing glasshouses for year round pot herb production and a cut herb pack house in Glenealy, Co. Wicklow. We package our selection of fresh herbs on site in Wicklow, using bespoke herb packaging to ensure optimal freshness. Our herb enterprise started small, but has grown steadily in the size with our production. We have developed throughout the years by putting customer satisfaction and experience with our fresh herbs at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to produce our fresh products economically to create the greatest value for the customers.
Keywords: Wholesale, farm, herb, package, fresh, quality, Ireland

Annek Frozen

We supply a range of premium Frozen Foods including; Frozen and Chilled French Fries, Potato specialities, Vegetables, Fruit and Bread through brands such as Lutosa, Bergia, Dira, Berrymark, Ardo, Kepak and Menissez.
Keywords: Wholesale, quality, frozen food, french fries, potato specialities, vegetables, fruits, bread, Ireland

The Butchers' Block

The Cribbin family set up their first factory in Rathaghan in 2002, they began butchering on a much bigger scale supplying their own chain of butchers along with selling wholesale meats to other butchers around the country. All our beef is traditionally and naturally reared in Irealnd, supporting our rural farming community.
Keywords: Wholesale, factory, butcher, meats, food, beef, quality, Ireland

The Benson Box Co

We are a third generation packaging manufacturing company in the Mid-West serving the food, retail and healthcare sector across Ireland. We provide an unrivalled service to packaging wholesale companies, major retailers and the food industry, specialising in packaging for fast-food and the bakery industries.
Keywords: Wholesale, packaging, box, manufacturing, food, fast-food, bakery, healthcare, Ireland

Lavida Food

Lavida Food is an ambitious, exciting and innovative gourmet food company based in the UK and Ireland. We specialize in the sales, marketing and distribution of quality, gourmet foods and whole foods from around the world, which are suitable for people living with certain food allergies and intolerances such as gluten and or wheat intolerance. Our clients include independent wholesalers. We have a distribution network that allows us to distribute nationwide throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe as well as our own online store that sells Europe-wide.a
Keywords: Wholesale, food, gourmet, quality, food allergies, gluten intolerances, wheat intolerance, Ireland

Scúp Gelato

Our aim is simple: make the best gelato using only the highest quality raw material sourced locally and internationally, starting firstly with Irelands amazing milk and cream. We couple the highest quality Irish milk and cream with fresh, authentic ingredients like Fresh Wexford Strawberries, Sicilian Bronte Pistachios and Madagascan Vanilla to create a mixture which is churned into an amazingly creamy, smooth and flavoursome gelato. Seasonal fresh fruit and locally sourced products has given us the ability to develop a handmade sorbet range that is consistently smooth and refreshing with every spoonful.
Keywords: Wholesale, ice cream, food, highest quality, milk, cream, fresh, fruits, ingredients, range, Ireland

Meylers Fish Company Ltd

Our fish is famous across Ireland and we see people travel from all over to buy our fresh produce. We can prepare your fish too, with / without skin etc. simply let our fish mongers know.
Keywords: Wholesale,e fish, food, fresh, quality, Ireland

Iverk Produce O'Shea Farms

Iverk Produce was established in 1980 by the O'Shea family to market quality fresh fruit and vegetables across the south east. We also work with over forty growers in the south east of Ireland who supply us with a wide variety of fresh produce, such as early new season potatoes, cabbage, turnips, parsnips, broccoli, leeks, Brussels sprouts, apples, vine tomatoes, cauliflower, rhubarb, strawberries, iceberg lettuce, scallions, mushrooms, and fresh herbs to list but a few. We also supply the wholesale/retail trade and food service sector across the south east region of Ireland. Our produce ranges from Avocado to Zucchini, with the humble Spud still taking pride of place.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, farm, cereals, carrots, potatoes, fruits, cabbage, turnips, parsnips, broccoli, leeks, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, rhubarb, strawberries, iceberg lettuce, scallions, mushrooms, herbs, vegetables, avocado, zucchini, quality, Ireland

Kelly Drinks

We supply a wide range of packaged beer, stout, ale, cider, spirits and soft drinks which we deliver in our own fleet of trucks to our customers on a weekly basis.
Keywords: Wholesale, range, drinks, beverages, beer, cider, soft drinks, spirits, ale, Ireland

Arctic Cuisine

At Arctic Cuisine, we have a proud history of serving the restaurant and food service industry, as well as ordinary consumers. We’re a Limerick Food Distribution Company. We feature a huge array of quality products, and can fill small or large orders immediately. As a new business our vision is to offer the very best, most diverse frozen, fresh and ambient food products – in other words, to be the preferred supplier when it comes to serving not just the hospitality industry, but also homeowners who appreciate having a supply of quality foods on hand.
Keywords: Wholesale, cuisine, food, quality, frozen, fresh, coffee, Ireland

Daly's Seafoods

Daly’s Seafoods are committed to providing clients with the highest quality fish and seafood and the best quality service. We also supply to other wholesalers, retailers and distributors thereby ensuring availability of high quality fresh seafood on a daily basis.
Keywords: Wholesale, fish, food, quality, seafood, fresh, quality, Ireland

On The Pig's Back

Isabelle Sheridan selling Farmhouse Cheeses, Charcuterie, Fresh Breads, Irish Artisan Food, and French Epicerie & Specialities in The English Market, in Cork City. On The Pig's Back produce and wholesale award-winning Pâté and Terrines.
Keywords: Wholesale, farmhouse, cheeses, charcuterie, breads, artisan food, epicure, specialities, pâté, terrines, Ireland

Hassetts artisan food

Michael started his own bakery based in Douglas, Cork in 1984. This was a small wholesale bakery producing confectionery with a strong continental influence for the retail sector. Hassetts now offer a wide range of products including artisan breads and confectionery: cakes, desserts, biscuits, crackers, granolas, chocolates & ice creams.
Keywords: Wholesalers, bakery, artisan, confectionery, breads, cakes, desserts, biscuits, crackers, granolas, chocolates, ice cream, food, Ireland

Organic Republic

Our business started through the farmers market in 2001 and then we branched into the box delivery system in 2003, which has been a great success. We also provide a wholesale service for local health-food shops and cafes.
Keywords: Wholesale, health-food, vegetables, food, Ireland


Moonfish is a fresh and frozen seafood shop with all the very best seafood from around the world and of course locally caught seafood.
Keywords: Wholesale, fish, food, frozen, seafood, Ireland

Cork Coffee Roasters

Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our customers, offering equipment training, education and support alongside the coffee we roast.
Keywords: Wholesale, coffee, quality, Ireland

Barry Group

At the Barry Group, we’re committed to providing the very best for your business. We offer a wide range of Ambient Grocery, Catering, Tobacco & Alcohol product at competitive pricing directly from our 150,000 square foot warehousing facility. From our Call & Collect facility through to our delivery service, every need of an Independent business, whether it is in the pub trade, catering or an Independent Retailer is catered for. If you’d like to open a wholesale account with us - we’d like to hear from you. Your business will be the benificary of our full beverage range which includes exclusive on–trade wine offerings, soft drinks, beers, ciders and spirits including high end gins and whiskeys. Frozen Food wholesalers We supply numerous customers with a vast range of ambient catering and packaging lines for their business.
Keywords: Wholesale, full range, food, drinks, beverages, wine, soft drinks, beers, ciders, spirits, gins, whiskeys, frozen food, packaging, Ireland

Brennan & Co

Here you will find all the kitchen utensils, appliances and gadgets you can think of, backed up by a wealth of knowledge, and a deep passion about food. We supply bakeware as well and we're specialised in Cake decorating and Sugarcraft.
Keywords: Wholesale, ustensile, kitchen, appliances, gadgets, for food, bakeware, cake, decoration, Sugarcraft, Ireland

McCarthy's Meat Market

Retail Now operating in both Bishopstown and Gurranabraher, McCarthy’s Meat Market is a family-owned butchers offering quality meat to customers at wholesale prices.
Keywords: Wholesale, meat, food, butchers, quality, Ireland


It was one of the first shops in Ireland providing Polish people with Polish food. The company has grown since then and at the moment there are 29 shops located in the Republic of Ireland. Our range of products includes not only items of first necessity such as dairy, sausages or bread but also sweets, drinks and high-quality wine. In each of our shops there are meat stalls where we offer fresh meat, sausages and cheese cut to size your need.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, Polish products, Poland, full range, sweets, drinks, wine, meat, sausages, cheese, high quality, Ireland

Trona Products

We deliver to retail groups, wholesalers and discounters throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. We have combined with a leading Logistics Warehousing and Distribution company who specialise in the transportation of fast moving–high value consumer products.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, brands, Ireland

Mahers Pure Coffee

In 1991 John and Mary Mackey acquired Mahers Coffee from Dick Maher. At this time the business was purely retail, selling quality beans and ground coffee to its customers in Cork. In 1993 they expanded the business establishing the wholesale division supplying restaurants and cafes with their coffee We are passionate about sourcing the best quality beans available any where in the world. Supplying the best beans is only the first step in serving great coffee. We also supply a wide ranges of specialised teas, cups, lids, syrups, sugars, choclate, biscuits etc which can be ordered in complement with your regular coffee orders.
Keywords: Wholesale, coffee, beans, cafes, machines, cups, lids, syrups, sugars, chocolate, biscuits, food, drink, quality, Ireland

The Good Fish Co

The Good Fish Company was established by Denis Good in 1988 and is now one of the largest fish processors in Ireland. For our customers The Good Fish Company offers the best and only solution for your seafood requirements, providing the freshest, best quality Irish fish sourced from trusted and sustainable sources along the South-West coast of Ireland. The fish supplied by The Good Fish Company is processed on the day of landing, guaranteeing superior quality and freshness.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, fish, seafood, quality, Ireland

All Fersh

Allfresh Wholesale is a family owned and run fruit and vegetable wholesale and distribution business operating out of Little Island, Co. Cork, Ireland. In addition, we also support many local farmers and source locally, which helps to reduce fuel consumption.
Keywords: Wholesale, fruit, vegetables, food, farmer, local products, Ireland

Greenfield Foods

We supply our eggs to a range of customers from large supermarket multiples, food services and small wholesale customers. Our customers are our main focus and our priority is to supply a good quality fresh egg.
Keywords: Wholesale, eggs, food, quality, Ireland

McCaughey Foods

McCaughey Foods produces a comprehensive range of succulent cooked and sliced meats for the catering, wholesale and food service markets – in ready-to-eat portions. The company has a range of own-brand products and it also prepares and packages product to meet customer’s specific needs. The family has worked in the Turkey business for over 60 years and McCaughey Foods also supplies Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork and Ham.
Keywords: Wholesale, food, range, food service market, turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, ham

Connolly's Meat

The core of our business centres around sourcing and producing all the products that come from pigs and pigmeat. As a result of our time and investment in research and development we are the first to bring new products and ideas to the market.
Keywords: Wholesale, meats, pigs, pigment, quality, Ireland


At Agrihealth we work with our customers to provide quality products at the best prices. We focus on providing a unique range of products that maximize your potential for growth and provides something different to delight your customer. Our online ordering facility also ensures access to our full range of products and up to date information.
Keywords: Wholesale, agriculture, health, environment, range, animals, veterinary, laboratory, poultry industry, pharmacies

Kadona Wholesale

Established in 1992; Kadona Wholesale Ltd. Is a family run business that has been providing a high quality, reliable and trusted grocery wholesale service to retailers for the best part of 30 years. Kadona Wholesale Ltd. are leading suppliers to retailers across Ireland. Our vast selection of products includes beverages, biscuits, confectionery, multipacks, pet food, laundry and detergents, wines, beers and spirits, paperware and toiletries, household accessories, medical and more.
Keywords: Wholesale, high quality, full range, beverages, drinks, food, biscuits, confectioneries, pet food, laundry, detergent, wines, beers, spirits, toiletries, household accessories, medical, Ireland

Drino Drinks

Drino Drinks is one of Ireland’s oldest Wholesale Supplier to the Licensed & Retail Trades. they decided to concentrate solely on the production of soft drinks. The development of a product which was called FUN proved to be novel and unique as they were the first in Ireland to introduce and use an aluminium screw cap instead of the then crown cap or black stopper used by Lucozade. In May 2018, Drino Drinks and Tara Wholesale Bottlers combined their businesses to give our valued customers a broader range of products. Both businesses are family owned, with a combined 100 years trading between them.
Keywords: Wholesale, drink, beverages, soft drink, full range, alcohol, wine, champagne, spirits, ciders, beers, snacks, Ireland

The Food Center

All the top food catering brands direct to the public,we wont be beaten on quality or price.
Keywords: Wholesale, brands, food, beverages, water, large range, beauty product, Ireland

Castlemine Farm

We specialise in dry aged heifer beef and lamb reared in the limestone region of Roscommon. Our wholesale beef and lamb products are sourced from this region that is famous for its output of high quality produce. We source locally and from our own farm for the best tasting, consistent meat possible.
Keywords: Wholesale, beef, meat, lamb, food, quality, tradition, Ireland

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