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Phone: 012011617


Unit 40
Newtown Business & Enterprise Centre
Co. Wicklow

County: Wicklow

Categories: Food Suppliers & Beverages

Keywords: Italicatessen, Italian, Italy, Ireland, Dublin, Wicklow, food, retail, food-service, import, specialities, wine, cheese, meat, pasta, sauces, vegetables

Description: Italicatessen Limited selects, and distributes top quality Italian Food and Wine.

They carefully select their suppliers and products based on excellence criteria. Their mission is to bring to Ireland products with exceptional price/quality ratio that sells very well in Italy (as opposed as products expressly made for export hence with very low value).

Within product categories, they offer ranges of different quality level, so you can choose how to better meet your customers' expectations. In addition to focusing on products quality and value, they also provide outstanding service.