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Carbon Chemicals Group Ltd,
County Cork,

County: Cork

Categories: Chemicals & Laboratory

Keywords: Wholesale, chemicals, food ingredients, paints, Ireland

Specializing in the supply of chemicals, food ingredients and high-end paints, Carbon Group has developed into a progressive business with a global outlook.

Our customers want the most efficient, effective and flexible approach for their business. That's why we do not just supply them with the right products - we provide for customers' total service needs.

In fact, we are committed to sourcing, compliance, manufacturing, storage and mobilization. We continuously invest time, money and resources to deliver better solutions, with the lastest products and approaches.

And, because we can take control of the full supply chain, we give our customers peace of mind, helping them to work with flexibility and ease.

We can evaluate your requirements and design a solution that factors in all your criteria. Our approach is holistic, giving customers a choice of choice, flexibility and food for thought. We consider every detail to help your business perform at its best.



1. Global Sourcing

We tap into our international network of manufacturers to source the latest and best performing products on the market. We manage the end-to-end supply chain, dealing with only fully-approved suppliers and products:

Established network of international partners built up during 50+ years in business
Access to thousands of products, serving a multitude of sectors
Specialist and bespoke product sourcing
Product validation, testing and reporting
Biocidal Directives Article 95 compliant
REACH compliant
2. Technical Knowledge

We are continually developing our teams to ensure that our customers receive up-to-date intelligent, relevant solutions:

Full technical consultation available to all customers
Specialist advisors across every aspect of the business
Continuous investment in our people
Links with Universities nationwide and approved testing laboratories
Manage external Control Measures as part of client's Quality Assurance
Technical support on clients' SDSs
3. Specialist Storage

Our products are equipped with temperature, food safety, product segregation, poisons, flamables, ATEX compliancy.

Integrated Lot no. tracking
Dedicated and segregated storage facilities
Flexible solutions for chemical storage and stock management
HACCP controlled areas
We are a Seveso III lower-tier accredited site
4. Bulk Storage

Our on-site bulk supply provides full flexibility and supply security for last minute orders. We can facilitate urgent deliveries, reducing cost and giving peace of mind.

Product integrity
Hazardous chemical storage
Continued investment in services, service and storage
Seveso III lower-tier accredited site
5. Specialist Location

Our premises are strategically located to provide a gateway to Ireland and Europe to ensure the same responsive, efficient and secure product mobilization to all of our customers.

Easy access offices / stocks in Cork, Dublin and the UK
On-demand distribution network gives customers delivery flexibility and responsiveness
Dedicated Haz Chem approved fleet distribution
Shipment tracking system
Specialist product handling
Tamper proof protection
Lot no. tracking
Specialist bulk supply logistics
Fully monitored and integrated supply chain management
6. Contract Manufacturing

Every client has different needs. Our on-site laboratory managed by trained technicians and chemists can facilitate projects from R & D through to bespoke manufacturing, blending, mixing and packaging.

QC testing, QA support and peace of mind, trials and product research and development
Fast and adaptable manufacturing systems
Cost saving in local production and direct supply
Process excellence through ISO accreditation, Responsible Care, HACCP and Lean
7. Customized Packaging

Giving customers flexibility is central to how we operate. The most efficient and convenient application. We can package any liquids and powders from 1lt packs through to bulk tanks, and make our customers easier, safer and more efficient.
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On site packing facilities
On site product label printing and coding facility
Certified packaging and tankers