Meade Potato Company

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Phone: +353 46 905 3198


Co. Meath

County: Meath

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Meade Potato Company is one of the country’s largest growers, packers and distributors of fresh produce to the retail market. Currently employing approx 150 staff directly and over 300 indirectly, Meade Potato Co. offers over 100 different lines of produce of the highest quality in freshness, appearance and taste, delivered by a supply chain that prides itself on its efficiency.

Like his father before him, Philip Meade Sr. had a knack for growing potatoes and vegetables. He set up a potato business in 1977, and by 1982 had officially incorporated into the Meade Potato Co. at his home farm in Braystown, Lobinstown, County Meath. While potatoes formed the core business in the early years, Philip Sr. quickly branched out to source any produce needed by the supermarkets he supplied. This adaptability, allied with complete dedication to quality and service, enabled the company to grow; by 2009, such was the volume of Meade lorries on the small roads around Braystown , the company privately funded a new road. With Philip’s sons now at the helm, and the old offices and warehouses bursting at the seams, the company expanded into a new office building and state-of-the-art warehouse in 2012.

Their extensive Quality Control programme ensures that their produce meets their own rigourous standards, as well as that of their clients. Their flawless audit rate demonstrates that food safety is never comprised when meeting their 24 hour farm to shelf standard

Some of the products Meade Potato Company grow pack and distribute are:

for some others this company has to look abroad for like kiwis