Lemonfield Pottery

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Phone: +353 61 301 522


Lemonfield Pottery, Ashfort, Patrickswell, Co. Limerick.

County: Limerick

Categories: Flowers

Keywords: Wholesale, flowers, pots, plants, Ireland

Our nursery began in 1992 growing bedding plants, we now grow everything from trees and shrubs to herbs and hedging.

A Plant for a shady spot.... No Problem.
A patio that lacks interest or colour.......We can fix that.
Something easy for the novice or something unusual for the seasoned gardener.......We have it.
Know the plant you want but can’t remember the name.....just describe it.
Just don’t know where to start.........ask for our advice, it’s free!!
A modern garden room or an old fashioned cottage look.......we can help you out.
Can't find what you’re looking for........leave it with us we'll source it for you.