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Unit 1A Cloverhill Industrial Estate,
Dublin 22

County: Dublin

Categories: Food Suppliers & Beverages

Keywords: Wholesale, food, Polish products, Poland, full range, sweets, drinks, wine, meat, sausages, cheese, high quality, Ireland

Our company started its work in 2003 opening the first shop with Polish products under the name Polonez in Naas town. It was one of the first shops in Ireland providing Polish people with Polish food. The company has grown since then and at the moment there are 29 shops located in the Republic of Ireland. There is also a shop located in Newry in Northern Ireland.

About 40,000 people visit our shops weekly, 75% of which are Polish. The remaining 25% are people from eastern European countries as well as Irish who have started buying Polish food more often.

Every day we offer to our customers about 5,000 food products of the highest food quality, 90% of these products are Polish. Our range of products includes not only items of first necessity such as dairy, sausages or bread but also sweets, drinks and high-quality wine. In each of our shops there are meat stalls where we offer fresh meat, sausages and cheese cut to size your need.

Our suppliers are a selected group of nearly 100 of the most well-known suppliers and distributors offering a top quality range of products. From each supplier we are trying to get top quality goods, which we offer to our customer’s at the most attractive price. We constantly watch for changes in the food market so that we can respond to the needs of our customers immediately.

Thanks to our own transport and logistics system (we have our own warehouse), we can ensure a regular supply and freshness and the highest quality of products sold. Our trucks deliver goods from Poland 3 times a week, and our warehouse provides their fast delivery to all of our stores. We are the exclusive importer of the world's best Moldovan wines of “Cricova” as well as “MILESTI MICI”. We distribute our products both to shops offering food from Eastern Europe as well as the Irish retail shop chains such as Centra and Londis.

6.Our shop-assistants
POLONEZ store chain employs nearly 180 employees. Due to regular training, and established standards of work we provide our customers not only with the highest quality products but also with the highest quality of service. Polite shop-assistants contribute to a good image of our company which guarantees successful customer shopping every day.

7.Brand Identity
Both an external and internal outlook of our stores is made according to strictly followed standards. With shop windows always consisting of the unified LOGO and the same colours, this ensures that the trademark POLONEZ is recognizable in the local market.

The success of our company is based on the strong foundations of effective marketing. We believe that the satisfaction of our customers is the main measure of our success which is reached by organizing promotional events, contests with prizes and attractive price promotions.