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Phone: +353 21 4510526


Little Island Post Office,
Sitecast Industrial Estate,
Co. Cork

County: Cork

Categories: Agriculture, Food Suppliers & Beverages

Keywords: Wholesale, fruit, vegetables, food, farmer, local products, Ireland

Allfresh Wholesale is a family owned and run fruit and vegetable wholesale and distribution business operating out of Little Island, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Allfresh’s owner, Barra Sweetnam, gained 10 years experience working at Fyffe’s produce imports and distribution before deciding to create his own company in 1995. Allfresh began as a small shop in Bandon, and Barra’s goal was to provide local people with the freshest possible produce at the most affordable prices. As word of the excellence of Allfresh’s produce spread and its customer base grew, Barra found it necessary to begin expanding his business. He began to sell his fruits and vegetables on a wholesale basis out of the back of the shop in 1996, and relocated to an even larger store in Douglas in 1998 as Allfresh’s produce and services continued to grow both in reputation and demand. Finally, Allfresh found its current home in Little Island in 2006.

Once a small business ran by only two people, Allfresh is now a widely known, trusted, and respected business servicing Munster and with nearly 30 employees. While Allfresh has changed, grown, and relocated over time, its values have never changed. We are as committed as ever to providing our valued customers with the freshest produce of the highest quality. We are proud of the long-lasting relationships we have formed with our customers, and are always eager to welcome new ones. We take great pride in providing customized and individualized services, so that we may not only provide customers with the best produce, but also with extremely satisfying service and delivery. In addition, we also support many local farmers and source locally, which helps to reduce fuel consumption.

Our trucks are also equipped with “add blue,” a technology that contributes to environmental protection and conservation of fuel. Our appreciation of and commitment to the environment, our suppliers, and our customers means that we’re always able to ensure that our produce is fresh and our customers are satisfied.