Nightpark Nursery

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Nightpark Nursery,
County Kildare,

County: Kildare

Categories: Agriculture, Flowers

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About Nightpark Nursery
Nightpark Nursery was started on a Greenfield site in 2002. The field itself was known as ‘The Nightpark’, it was a sheltered field and was the resting place of choice for the animals on the farm- alas, it is no longer a place of rest! Thérèse Duffey has the botanical interest while husband Michael does the technical work- construction, potting and fixing everything that breaks.
The Range
We grow in excess of 300 species of plants. Our range includes grasses, sedges, ferns, herbaceous perennials, wildflowers, bulbous plants and woody species.
We specialise in ornamental plants from seed primarily for the wholesale trade. Our range includes natives from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Chile and the Himalaya along with native Wildflowers from the local area. We obtain seed from seed houses worldwide but we also collect approximately 50% of our own seed, thereby ensuring it’s trueness to type and quality.

To see the full list of plants that we grow, check out our list on the Online Catalogue page.
About our product
We supply plants as plugs and also as 9cm liners. Most 9cm liners are contract grown and so need to be ordered in advance. We aim to have a wide range of plugs available year round.
Our plugs come in several sizes but 90% of what we sell is in a 40mm preformed paper-wrapped plug. Our current compost is a peat-reduced mix. We add Bark and loam to the mix to ensure optimum plant health.
These preformed plugs are very easy to handle making potting a quick operation. They can be potted into a range of pot sizes from 9cm through to 2l depending on the crop and the timing.