Killarney Candle Makers

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Phone: +353(0)64 6646024


Jimmy & Fleur Daly,
The Killarney Candle Makers,
Killarney, Ireland

County: Kerry

Categories: Environment and Recycling, Home Products

Keywords: Wholesale, candles, quality, natural, ecological, Ireland

We wanted to capture Ireland in a candle, what do we miss most living away from Ireland. Tapping into the emotional factor. Our sense of smell has a direct link to our emotions & memories – unique to each person. We have designed our brand that differentiates from anything else on the market. Our sense of smell (similar to taste buds) has a direct link with our memories, transporting us back to our childhood home, Christmas morning in Nana's kitchen or walking on Inch beach on a windy day.
We take great pride in making them using only the finest quality ingredients and materials with formulas developed by us through extensive experimentation. Created from a love of natural products, we were determined to create our own range of ecologically friendly candles & products.

Killarney Candles has an extensive range of Wholesale customers, in Ireland, The United States of America and The UK, we welcome interest from suitable wholesalers and retailers.
Please contact us using the form below and we can arrange a suitable date and time to discuss our Wholesale and Retail options with you in person.