Rentes Plants

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Phone: 046 9551237


Broadford, Co.

County: Kildare

Categories: Agriculture, Flowers

Keywords: Wholesale, plants, trees, roses, climbers, horticultural, Ireland

Rentes Plants is one of the longest running nurseries in Ireland, having been established on just two and a half acres back in 1979.

We specialise in the wholesaling of Colourful shrubs, trees, roses and climbers to the retails and landscape markets in Ireland and the UK.

We currently stock well in excess of 1000 different species every year, with over 600000 plants grown here on our nursery each year, and another 100000+ in traded stock.

We estimate that we have grown and sold enough plants over the years to have put 5 plants into every single home in the country.

We have been at the forefront of development in the Irish horticultural industry, by constantly introducing new ideas and services as the years go on.

As early as 1980 we were the first nursery in Ireland to grow its plants in “Rigid” pots. The marketing concept of attaching picture labels to shrubs, and delivery on Danish style (CC) trolleys, now considered an industry standard were both first introduced by Rentes Plants.

Following soon afterwards was the introduction of pre-pricing and bar-coding plants for garden centres.

Rentes Plants currently has 18 acres of land under container production, 8 of which is under cover.

Rentes Plants currently has a fulltime staff of 17, most of whom have been with us for over 10 years.