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IDA Business & Technology Park,
Co Galway

County: Galway

Categories: Agriculture, Packaging Supplies and Pet Supplies

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Description: The Chanelle Group has also diversified into the in human pharmaceutical market and offers the following services: R&D, registration and sale of generic dossiers, contract manufacturing and contract packaging.

Chanelle have been registering and manufacturing generic Animal Health products for vets and merchants from the Chanelle Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Ltd (CPML) branch of the Group since 1985.

The manufacturing facility is just over 60,000 sq. ft. and located in Loughrea, on a separate site to the distribution arm of the company. CPML constantly invests in implementing the latest technology in its plant and adhering to the terms of the manufacturing licences granted by the Irish Medicines Board. The current facility offers manufacturing and packaging capabilities for a variety of dosage forms including tablets, capsules, liquid, powder and for packaging, blister, strip and cold forming packing.
Due to the highly regulated industry in which they operate, quality is of the utmost importance and therefore a huge emphasis is placed on Quality Control / Quality Assurance. Chanelle’s commitment and reputation for quality products has resulted in it being the first veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing company to achieve the Certification to the International Quality Standard – ISO9002.

Chanelle have been supplying veterinary surgeons with equipment for almost 30 years. They stock well known brands like Bovivet, Buster, Oster, Phillips, Optiva, Burtons, Gowlands, their own Chanelle range and many others too. They stock a wide variety of equipment from sutures to clippers and dehorners to castrators.

Chanelle also supply dog food and animal accessories.