Astra Trading Jewellery

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Phone: 0567758733


Co. Kilkenny,

County: Kilkenny

Categories: Gifts and Giftware, Jewellery Wholesale and Packaging Supplies

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Description: TheAstra trading jewellery is a sterling silver wholesale jewellery company based in Kilkenny. The business first opened its doors in 1988 on Dame Street in Dublin mainly selling Bronze jewellery. They have since moved into selling Sterling silver jewellery and have developed their range over a number of years. They have a broad selection of Celtic Jewellery and Classic Jewellery lines.

In their Celtic Jewellery range they have a wide selection of designs: Claddagh jewellery, Celtic Crosses, Celtic knotwork jewellery, Celtic rings, Celtic pendants, Celtic earrings, traditional Irish jewellery.

In their Classic Jewellery collection they have a wide selection also: Cubic zirconia pendants, cubic zirconia earrings, sterling silver pendants, sterling silver earrings, bracelets, brooches, semi precious stone jewellery, cubic zirconia jewellery.